Three - Position Pneumatic Actuator

3-Position pneumatic actuators 90°provide an operation of 0°-arbitrary angle-90°for 90°actuator rotation.The intermediate position is achieved by an external mechanical stop with 2 auxiliary pistons(for spring return actuators it may be only one auxiliary piston). The required adjustable intermediate position may be easily obtained by adjusting the external nuts located outside the two end-caps.Both types,double acting and spring return,are available.Field of application:for dosing,for car loading valves and for any kind of services where on 90°rotation an intermediate stop position is desired.

Type ISO Flange Square CH Shaft Depth Data Sheet
DA/SRR63 F05/F07 14 15 MOD.R63
DA/SRR75 F05/F07 17 19 MOD.R75
DA/SRR85 F05/F07 17 19 MOD.R85
DA/SRR100 F07/F10 22 26 MOD.R100
DA/SRR115 F07/F10 22 34 MOD.R115
DA/SRR125 F07/F10 22 34 MOD.R125
DA/SRR140 F10/F12 27 34 MOD.R140
DA/SRR160 F10/F12 27 34 MOD.R160
DA/SRR180 F10/F12 36 48 MOD.R180
DA/SRR210 F14 36 50 MOD.R210

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