ASCO Solenoid Valve

ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves. Due to its 100-year experience in production and 30 more factories around the world, ASCO offers more than 23000 kinds  of flow control products. We mainly distribute ASCO explosion-proof series solenoid valve, including stainless steel 8327 series, stainless steel 8551 series and explosion-proof 551 series. The assembly of ASCO solenoid valve and our pneumatic actuator helps serve the customer better solution.

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  • Sun, 01/01/2017

    The new web-site with Chinese and English version was published on Jan.1,2017. According to the new web, customers can not only learn more about ALEDER and its products , but also choose the proper product conveniently.

  • Thur, 22/12/2016

    From 21st September to 24th September, at China International Exhibition Center New Venue, Booth A230.


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